Our Team

Meet Our Team

                    MR. Gulfam Lateef Butt
               Head of Legal Aid Program

Mr . Gulfam lateef Butt began his career as an Assistant District Attorney. Due to his reputation as a criminal trial lawyer, Mr.Gulfam made a remarkably fast rise to become a Judicial Magistrate. He Served as a judicial Magistrate & as a Civil Judge for period of 4 years .After his resignation from services, he has been the lead trial lawyer in cases ranging from murder, sexual assault, drug offenses, and assault family violence. He has been working for ESCR-Asia as head of legal aid program , Now every person who approaches our free legal aid program is able to receive the benefit of his unique experience and reputation as a criminal lawyer.
               Ms. Tehmana Mehmood
                           Vice President

Ms M. Tehmana   carrier, in social justice and non-governmental communities include serving as a senior staff person in various organizations, she managed communications campaigns, organized public relations events, and provided issues management advice to Board members at various well known civil society organizations. Tehmana believes strongly in the importance of sustainability and creating a gender-equal world. She holds a BS in social sciences

                 MR. M.shahbaz Chaudry
                   Senior Vice president
       Chairman National Labor movement
General Secretary Bonded labor liberation Freedom union Punjab

Social worker, great servant of humanity, serving community for decades. Helping socially vulnerable, impoverished, helpless and poor people.Strong commitment to serving disadvantaged youth and adults, including homeless, emancipated youth and special-needs populations. Dedicated Human Rights Activist with extensive experience receiving investigating and conciliating complaints from community allegations of violations of the Labor Rights for the last two decades .Facilitator, providing supportive services and counseling for people in need to address special concerns, issues.

Mr.    Ayjaz Malik 
                Grants and Partnership Director
Mr. Malik has  worked with various  international and national NGOs in both HR and Projects Management positions. He is a well known  a civil Rights  activist with excellent advocacy skills. Mr. Malik is one of the founder members at ESCR-Asia team covering overall responsibility for operations  including HR, logistics,, Compliance, Media and Advocacy.

  Miss Tahira Shafiq
Dedicated Human Rights Activist with extensive experience receiving investigating and conciliating complaints received from the various communities regarding allegations of violations of the Human Rights laws. She has vast experience to adept with a wide variety of complex difficult and sensitive cases.. She has an experience of more than 2 decades  in monitoring institutional and organizational practices within the community to ensure compliance with all legal provisions. She was Declared human rights Ambassador in the year 2010 and holds a bachelors degree in social sciences from Canada and specialized courses on international women health and human rights from Stanford university, specialized course on refugees in the 21st century from university of London and community organizing for social justice course from university of Michigan. She is currently residing in USA

  Mr. Rehman S
                       Secretary General

Mr. Rehman S is a long-time social and racial justice activist and community organizer. He has worked within several youth empowerment programs.  Areas of focus includes campaigns to eradicate Poverty, food insecurities, and educational deficiencies. His work has focused on economic and gender inequality, tax policy, development finance, and unpaid care work. His advocacy work has been mostly focused on influencing international and intergovernmental institutions and processes. He holds a bachelor of Engineering Degree and sheridan honors certificates in project management 

 Ms.  Umama Raja

International Coordinator

Umama Raja is a Young and passionate human rights activist , Prior to joining ESCR-Asia team she has been working with various human rights organizations . She has been actively involved in human rights and Social justice space.

As the International Coordinator   she is responsible for developing strategies and programs in support of the organization mandate.

Mr. Khalid Shehzad Mir